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Special Projects 


KC-metro school start dates, school supply list

During my internship at KMBC, the digital staff and assistant news director had me and another intern go through the station's entire cancellations list and see when the school districts' first day of school was. 

Then, the digital staff wanted me to expand on the project. They asked me to find school supplies lists for each school in the cancellation list. The digital staff then compiled them into a "one-stop shop" site for metro parents to find out when their student's school started and what they needed to succeed during the school year. 

Below is the final version of the article I helped KMBC's digital staff research. When I was producing part of the 6 p.m. newscast at the station, I then promoted the article during the newscast! It felt really nice to see one of my projects from the beginning of the summer come full circle where I can promote between platforms! 

Database of mid-Missouri experts and resources on trauma

I took a class called traumatic events while at the Missouri School of Journalism. For my final project, I wanted to create a database for reporters, producers, etc. at KOMU in Columbia to find experts on trauma in mid-Missouri and resources for both journalists and survivors. I chose this particular project for the final grade in the class because it puts my organizational skills to good use. I researched this database for months to make sure I had as many different topics within trauma as possible. This class opened my eyes to trauma, how it affects people, how we respond to it, how to ethically report on traumatic events, and so much more. 

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